maastricht – ferran adrià

ferran adrià - notes on creativity

ferran adrià – notes on creativity

In Maastricht at the marres museum you can visit the exhibition of the way, one of the greatest chefs of the world, made his work and found his inspiration.

It was an explanation on his creative proces, his senses, his ideas on how food should taste and how a restaurant should or could make the costumer feel what he feels and tastes.

room 1 : the history of El Bulli. from mini-golfcourse to the famous restaurant.

room 2 : his sketches for his plates

room 3 : the culinary proces


room 4 : menu preparation

room 5 : his use of pictograms

room 6 : Ferran’s view on the evolution on food

room 7 : his notes, new techniques, innovation ways of preparation


room 8 : the movie made by Gereon Wetzel – cooking in progress (2010)

room 9 : the tools he used, he created,  to explore all the senses of eating


room 10 : the El Bulli Foundation

A rather small exhibition. nice but nothing new to me. I like to see how the mind of a great chef works, but since I follow the main and great chefs like Ferran and Sergio Herman for many years. Read their books. Follow them on various social media. There wasn’t a spectacular new inside. and I’m not sure if anybody who isn’t involved in the restaurant business will like or love this.